The ABC’s of OTO

The latest type of specialized sales offer to hit the Internet is called the “One Time Offer” or OTO for short. They are a fairly new way of generating income from sites as opposed to the “Mini-Site” type sales pages. They are mostly found as a means of monetizing some portion of a free or low-cost service such as new giveaway sites. Since One Time Offer’s only appear once they work their magic on the human psyche. This one chance to buy gives the illusion of some exclusivity. At the same time it is telling the visitor “You only have one chance and then I’m withdrawing my offer forever”. This is professional sales 201 or what we used to call the “take away” close. The concept is the visitor will purchase because you have made them an offer but now you are “taking it away”. This works on the human greed factor – if you offer something and then tell me I can’t have it then I want it even more! Savvy visitors have found that they can go back and sign up again, using a different email address, and give themselves a second chance to snap up OTO app the offer. Unless someone is using a “cookie based” system it takes away the “One Time” part of these offers. A cookie based system will only let you see the offer one time – and that’s it! In some cases the One Time Offer is only shown after the purchase of a particular product. In those cases it is considered an “upsell” or in some newer cases a “downsell”. The theory here is that since a customer just spent money with you he/she is more likely to spend more and/or to get back to the One Time Offer they would have to make another purchase. However, there are even ways around this. One of the easiest is to just use your browsers history button and relocate the offer page and jump back to it. Now that we have established how that exclusivity can be limited, or easily sidetracked, how then do One Time Offer’s manage to make so many sales? The primary reason they work is by carefully crafting a truly irresistible and enticing offer. The leading factor in all successful One Time Offers is the strong copy and the “big discount” offered. The other strong factor lies in the sheer volume of the products offered at the OTO pricing. The simplest method to build One Time Offers is through the use of a “squeeze type page”. Typically this is a webpage displaying some ad-copy detailing a product/service/software program that the customer will get for free. In order to get any further the visitor must enter his/her email address and name. This added benefit is what makes these so popular as they are an excellent list builder tool!